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Dongguan Beijia Rubber Products Co.Ltd
Dongguan Beijia Rubber Products Co.Ltd
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Name:Mr. Martin Chen [Sales]
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Skype: beijia200802
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Martin Chen at Dongguan
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Martin Chen at Dongguan
Address:Zhuanyao Industrial Zone,Dongcheng District
Dongguan 523000, Guangdong
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Registration Date:May. 15, 2012
Last Updated:May. 15, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Sports & Entertainment category

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Dongguan Beijia Rubber Products Co., Ltd is one of the most professional Neoprene and Lycra product manufacturer which was founded in 2008.With office’ s in HK and factory located in Dongguan with total area of over 5, 000 square meters and the factory totally employ over 200 peoples.Our company is only one hour away from Hong Kong, enjoying convenient access.

We are engaged in the design, manufacturer and exporting of a wide variety of neoprene products for global market.Our main products include Wetsuits, Diving suits, Fishing waders, Float suits, Rashguards, Life vest, Fitness supports, Diving& fishing gloves, Socks& Hoods, Laptop sleeves and other neoprene accessories such as koozie, phone case, CD case, surfboard bag, and etc.

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